Kitchen, Kitchen

My goal with the kitchen was to rearrange the "island", make it smaller if that was possible, and still have enough in the way of workspace, because I do tend to cook and bake a lot. The tricky part was, of course, what I have to work with. I also didn't want to have any additional "orphan" pieces of furniture. As things stand right now, the only orphan is a large, primitive style oven dryer that I've decided to take to Burlington anyway.

Shockingly, I found a spot for the cherry gate leg table, which I thought would be the hardest thing to find a spot for, and my kitchen "island" now consists of a typewriter desk, a table, and my baking table. There's a lot more open space, and it just looks so much better. I'm not sure I'll get it completely finished tonight, but I feel like I made great progress this weekend, and will work during the week to get things finished up if I don't get done. 

So far so good!


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