So this is (literally) my last free weekend before the end of May. But the culmination of all of this is that I will be off work the week of Memorial Day. So I can do this! I can!! (And each weekend has a free day; there's no weekend that has more than one thing going on, by design. I can't do multiple things per weekend, not when I have to get ready for the work week ahead.)

I have two lists, one for inside, one for outside. Subject to change, but here they are:

Obviously, I'm not going to get everything on these lists finished this weekend, but at least I'll have a list, and I can work from the list. Since it's supposed to rain tomorrow, the outside stuff needs to be done today, along with laundry, since I can hang out towels and suchlike. And I also have to run up to the post office to mail a package as well, before they close at noon. This is more of a Master List, truthfully, but at least I have it all in one place now. And while I might cross stuff off because it's no longer applicable (I'm rethinking where I want to put the greenhouse (again!) so I might not need to move that hay bale after all) it will still be one thing crossed off my list.



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