This morning I had every intention to start slowly, but Hazel the bunny had other ideas. When I poked my head out the back door to say good morning, he was gone, and the wire door to his cage was wide open.

So I walked around the backyard and the front yard and peeked in the nextdoor yards, and didn't see anything, so I went inside, ate a quick breakfast, got dressed, and walked around the block, where, of course, I found him, doing his best impression of a bunny statue.

I had to carry him half a block home. Thankfully, I was wearing a jacket (which now needs to be washed, because his feet were muddy!) and he is now safe in his cage.

I hope he got out himself, and that someone didn't let him loose. I have a quick fix on the closure of the cage right now; we'll see if it happens again. He could have opened that particular door himself, but he can't open the other one, so I guess I'll know for sure if that happens.

But anyway, since I'm up (and it's actually sunny right now), I'm going to start my day... and cross some more off my lists. :)


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