This has been a very busy week, leading up to a busy weekend--the first Burlington of the year is tomorrow! I spent a bit of time last night packing up boxes and containers to bring--right now I have two full containers and one box of books. I may go through my cookbooks again to fill up another box (I'm out of room, so that's not a bad idea, really) and/or other books I can bring as well. I would like to fill up one more container, but I also don't want to spend all day today packing stuff up. It got a bit cold last night (although I don't see any signs of frost, so that's good) so when it warms up, I want to be working out in the garden. I also have a list of things to do today, like laundry and baking bread, so I'll be there as well.

By next weekend, I want to have the greenhouse up and situated for the seeds I will sow next weekend--the squash and suchlike. So I need to work outside cleaning a bit, too.


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