This is my Luck. My grandma gave me the amber necklace a long time ago; probably before I graduated from High School. I added the citrine heart a little later, and they've been together ever since. This morning, while attempting to untangle the chain from my necklace holder, the heart slipped off and the whole thing fell to the floor. I looked for it, but couldn't find it in the few moments I had before I had to leave for work.

Thankfully, I found it when I got home, under one foot of the lamp beside my desk, very near to where the chain and piece of amber had fallen this morning. If I'd looked for it a little harder, I would have found it. But I did not. All day long, I missed the little heart, because in truth, the piece of amber is a bit too lightweight for it to be alone. I'm very glad I found it. They are back together now, and around my neck where they belong.

A follow-up on yesterday's post. I realize it might have sounded a bit mean and selfish when I said I wasted my time on Ravelry too often. The truth is, I've spread myself so thin as it is, that the extra effort (and as an introvert, it's always an effort) of being social and keeping up with chat threads and various groups meant that I was spending an hour (or more) a night in front of my computer instead of spending that hour (or more) doing something more productive with my time. Even if that productive thing would be to wash the dishes every single night, it's still not letting them sit, sometimes for days.

I don't want to give up the things I love to do. The things I am meant to do. If by being less social means I can start making dolls again (and oh, do I have ideas for dolls...) or start crafting things again, then I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

Especially now, when I have an actual light at the end of my financial ruin tunnel, and can actually start planning how to live my life on a smaller salary so that I can get a job closer to home so I have more time to do what I love to do.


Grey Walker said…
YES! Don't turn back! Woo HOO! You can do it!

*dancing around with pom poms made from strips of my sweater stash*

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