I made what will probably be the last foray out into the garden this evening, and picked half a basket of stuff--lima beans, dried beans, a very small amount of dried corn (I am not planting corn in this garden again; I really don't have room. What I did pick was only half pollinated. Dad has suggested I plant corn in their garden; I'm going to take them up on that next year, I think), a few tomatoes, and I also dug up the sweet potatoes. I actually got more sweet potatoes than I expected.

It's supposed to freeze, not frost tonight; they are calling for a low of 33. So.

Goodbye, Garden 2010.


cyndy said…
I'm putting things to bed as well, still have some potatoes to dig, and think it is wonderful that you got some sweets! (too cold and short a growing season for me)

If you had pollination issues with the corn, did you try walking thru and giving the stalks a shake when they were ready? I have found this to be a good remedy for spotty pollination...

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