Well, I sold one spinning wheel and brought the other one home. Did not buy any additional spinning wheels; there were two others there--one the Saxony missing the flyer and bobbin from last time (still at the same high price) and one the big Saxony from last time--which I discovered was actually marked Louis Bisson 1886. That was down to $190, which was still too high for my budget.

But I brought home an unusually-styled juicer to go with my collection of unusual kitchen appliances (That was $4), a little vase for $5, Friedman's Common-Sense Candy Teacher--which is chock full of candy recipes, including opera creams ($1), two Pfaltzgraff Americana soup mugs for Mom and Dad ($5), two very nice woodworking mallets and a landscape oil painting from Dad ($15), and a Very Large 14" commercial aluminum skillet made by Enterprise of Macon Georgia USA for $10.

So, well below my budget, and I also made $110! So that was nice indeed.

But I'm not sad to say that this month was the last Burlington until April. Now I can concentrate on other things for a while.

(I was so tired when I got home that I went to bed at 8:30pm!)


Grey Walker said…
Oh, nice! Yay for making money. :)
Jennifer said…
I was pleased! Brought home less than I took. That's what counts! :)

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