Ooooh, because I took a shower late yesterday afternoon, I actually got to sleep in for a bit this morning! I almost missed the World Music on the BBC!

The last Burlington is today. I am bringing two spinning wheels to get the count up a bit. Hopefully I will sell both of them; that should cut down on the projects a bit around here. My budget for the day is a bit lower than normal; I would be perfectly okay if I didn't find any spinning wheels this last show. And unless it is absolutely almost free, I am not allowed to bring home any additional Great Wheels, either. (And by almost free, I mean $50 or under, so there.)

It's getting into fall, and will be getting on to winter; anything that I buy to sell I'll probably have to store until April and the first Burlington of 2011, unless I want to ship it. So I will keep that in mind, too.

But it looks like it will be a lovely day, weather-wise. A bit nippy in the morning, but not nearly as nippy as they said earlier in the week. We won't die of the heat on the last day. Here's to hoping for a lot of sales... and less to bring home afterwards!


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