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This is my new reading corner, of the future library. If you remember, back in October of 2008, I used my small church pew as a 'window seat' in the dining room/music room. Well, that worked and didn't work, for the most part. The church pew, while fine to sit on to spin, for example, doesn't do well for relaxing. So I moved it into the Green Room on Monday, and I like it where it is now.

At the rummage sale this year, I found this 'reading chair', which is kind of unique. It's a really deep chair, quite comfy, and once I got it into place, I realized just how well this will work out, since I'm not axing the library idea after all. Now I have a quiet place I can sit and read and/or spin--the spinning wheel I'm traveling to PA to bring home in November will go here as well, and I think my birthday spindle will be a good spindle to keep in this room, too.

I really like how it looks, so far. Now... I just have to get done with the rest of the room.


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