Well, the festival is over, and I had a lot of fun. But it was hot there at the end! Granted, last weekend we would have frozen, so I'm not complaining. But it was definitely not scarf weather, unfortunately.

I spun, though, and brought Gloriana and Julius (Julius both days; Gloriana on Saturday.) And I got a lot of questions and comments, some of which were kind of... interesting. Had a couple of nice conversations with the woodcarvers, however; they were very nice guys and I had a lot of fun talking to them!

I came home with a spalted maple/walnut box (from the box guy; he had other things too, but his boxes were really nice) and a dour old fellow named Brother Hamish (from the woodcarvers) who will stand guard over my spindles. I also bought some local honey. I think I will have pancakes tomorrow for breakfast so I can use some of it as syrup. :)

This is my birthday week, so I am off work. I have to watch Elsa on Tuesday, but otherwise, I will be cleaning and decluttering. The last Burlington is Sunday, so I have to get ready for that, too.

I am 36 this year. I hope to make it a good year. There's an auction on my birthday with a spinning wheel, so I'm hoping that's a good sign. :)


Grey Walker said…
Happy birthday week!
cyndy said…
Happy Birthday!

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