So yesterday evening, I went to an auction with Mom, Dad, and Aunt Sissy. There was a spinning wheel there, but oh did it need a lot of help, and it did not come home with me because... well, it might have been too much of a project, in truth. It might have been good for parts, because I had a feeling that's what it was, put together parts.

But anyway. I didn't bring home the spinning wheel, I lost out on a table I definitely didn't need, I did not even bid on the sewing machine (that I didn't even see to check in the first place), but of course I didn't come home empty-handed.

I bought some fabric lampshades for a couple of shadeless lamps I have and would like to use, a print of a painting of an old abandoned farmhouse in the middle of a lonely field (I'd love to live there, actually), and hopefully the cumulation of my attempt to create a couch/daybed type thing in my living room.

See, I had this idea a while back to use the two headboards of my matching brass beds and create a 'couch' where I could sleep downstairs in the hottest part of the summer if I needed to. (It would have been nice to do that this summer.) But I wasn't fond of a brass couch/daybed. Then I got the idea to just get a loveseat and forgo the bed idea, but the two loveseats I saw that I liked didn't work out. I got outbid on the one at the silent auction, and the nicer one at the rummage sale wouldn't fit in the place I wanted to put it.

I moved my Papasan 'couch' into the Green Room, and I love it there. It's a great spot to read, or nap, or spin, or watch an episode of something from my desk here. I moved my church pew into the Green Room as well; that's also a nice place to sit. But in the living room (which is more the spinning room nowadays), there are only two places to sit down--the papasan chair and my spinning chair. I would love to move my papasan chair upstairs, actually; into my bedroom beside the radiator. I want to move my little chest of drawers beside my bed (again), and have my rocking chair in front of the window with Tess, my bedroom spinning wheel.

So I had decided to keep looking for something suitable I could use for a daybed/couch, a twin bed with two headboards, more than likely. Which is usually hard to find.

But there was one at the auction. It's not terribly ancient, perhaps from the 20s (Dad, correct me if I'm wrong) and veneer, but it's nice, and has tall headboards--matching--on both ends. It was a whopping $25. I already have the mattress and slats for the bottom.

Of course, that means I'm going to have to move things around again in the living room, but all the project wheels are going to go upstairs, and I'm probably moving another one into my bedroom as well. And one Great Wheel is going to go in the library/dining room, too. That will free up some space, and come next summer, I'll have a spot to camp out if needed. That will be nice.


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