April goals--

1. Post auctions on ebay at least twice a week, perhaps more. Since getting to the post office isn't an issue--at all--I have this luxury now to be able to post any day of the week if I so desire. The first Burlington is in a couple of weeks, too.

2. Get the downstairs decluttered/piles gone/stuff sold on ebay that I never used/no longer use/will not use/do not need because it's a duplicate.

3. Create a spot inside where my lathe can be stored when not in use outside.

4. Set up my lathe on the front porch (this involves a little cleaning, but nothing too major.)

5. Start preparing for the garden--clean up old vegetation in preparation for new, till the garden, etc.

6. A fun one--use my teacups. I tend to collect them, and only use a handful. My goal is to use them all in rotation. Here is today's teacup:

Today's tea is Morning Tea from Lupicia.

7. Work in the kitchen, laundry room, entry room, and any other room downstairs that needs to be cleaned, decluttered, or rearranged.

8. Work on an editing schedule for promised books.

9. Write something every day.

10. Don't forget to take time to breathe during all of this.


Kayleigh said…
Spring cleaning makes me cringe. But the idea of decluttering sounds so nice. The part where I have to go and actually do it, that's the part I don't care for. :)
cyndy said…
Your #5 is my #1...in a big way.

Lurve the teacup!
Grey Walker said…
That is a beautiful mug.

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