I mowed my front lawn (again) tonight. Yes, that's three times in April. With all of this rain, I couldn't wait to mow it; it was really terribly long. It was also a bit too wet yet on the hill, but I mowed it anyway, because I have to charge up my lawnmower again tonight and attempt to mow the backyard tomorrow. Because after tomorrow, there's a chance of rain almost every day next week. And the backyard is a mess. (I haven't mowed the backyard at all yet, yikes!)

My goal is to work outside most of tomorrow. That means missing the Grant Days Celebration again, but since I usually miss it, that's okay, I guess. I also have more auctions to post tomorrow.

Sunday will be for inside the house... I have a lot to do, and only a two day weekend.

However, I am taking the week before Memorial Day off work. I am hoping to get a lot done that week, including putting on my new kitchen roof.


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