Since both the original Being Human and the SyFy Being Human are done for their respective seasons, I am now watching Bones, starting with Season 1.

I've read almost all of the books, so why not watch the TV show as well?


Jeri said…
Watch out, that show is incredibly addicting. I whipped through five seasons in three weeks - admittedly while I was on bed rest, but still.
Grey Walker said…
Bones is the only TV show I really like, right now.

Do I want to read the books?
Jennifer said…
The books are completely different than the TV show. They lifted the main character's name and not much else, other than her profession.

Personally, I liked the books. But forensic anthropology is an interest of mine anyway. :)
Grey Walker said…
Well, if you like them, I know I will. :)

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