I mowed my front lawn today--last year, I mowed it the first time on April 1st and the last time in August. (Wow, really? But we had a really dry summer...) Thus begins the Mowing Wars. For the record, I was the first one on my block to mow my lawn! Ha.

My lawnmower seems to be fine after the winter. I kind of forgot to charge the battery for a couple of months, but I've charged it for three months straight, and it held the charge just fine. So that's good; I was a little worried.

The lilacs are just about to bloom; the daffodils have been blooming for weeks now. The violets are also starting to bloom, along with the winter aconite, which is a bit late, but it's in a shady spot.

I'm thinking I might have to cut down the forsythia this year, because it's barely blooming at all and probably needs a major pruning. But we'll see.

I still need to cut back my ornamental grass and mulch around it and the roses out front. And clean up the garden, but mowing is enough for one day, I think. Whew!


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