I'm going to have a bumper crop of currants this year--they are loaded. My blueberries are all alive (although one is not doing so well, I'll keep an eye on it. They've already bloomed, and teeny blueberries are forming. I might get oh, two dozen blueberries this year. (Last year, I got four.)

The blackberries--they died back over the winter. Some of the bearing canes for this year are sprouting out from the bottom. This is not a terrible thing, because last year was a crazy blackberry year. I'm in the processing of thinning out dead canes at the moment. It's a little difficult, due to the length of some of the canes. There are also blackberry sprouts coming up closer to the edge of the 'woods', which is where I wanted them to go, so that's good, too.

Currant-wise, I have one black currant bush, two reds, and three whites. The reds are new, planted last year. The whites are on their second year. I really like the way the whites taste; I'm hoping the reds are just as tasty. The black... still tastes like cat pee. Although, I will probably have to try black currant tea this year, if I can stomach it. Just a little. ;)

The raspberries are budding. The black raspberries along the back fence have started sprouting into the yard. I'm planning to mulch there and not mow them down. The raspberries out front are doing well too. My apple trees are starting to bloom. I might just actually get an apple this year!

I've picked up all the branches in the backyard, and will mow in a couple of hours. It's going to be slow going in places, but I think it will be okay. After mowing, I'm going to mulch around the raspberries and the Rosa Rugosa and the pink rosebush. And then I will plant potatoes.


Grey Walker said…
I'm jealous of all your currants. :)

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