The first Burlington was today... and I brought nothing home with me except for the spinning wheel I took to Burlington in the first place.

You read that right--I didn't buy anything!

There were no other spinning wheels there at all; the only thing I was remotely interested in was a tabletop yarn winder, but that will be back in June and I might buy it then. (The sellers had it all last year too; the price has come down a bit.)

I went with $80 in cash and came home with $238. I sold mostly little stuff, which was fine--I brought four boxes and came home with two empty boxes to fill back up.

There is a certain amount of money I needed to make on ebay/at Burlington in the next two weeks--thanks to this, I am--right now--$100 short of goal #1, with two weeks to go for ebay money to add to the pot. So I think I will shoot for goal #2, and be done with it.


Grey Walker said…
Oh, hurrah! *clapping*

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