Okay, I really need to start posting more than once a week. But there really hasn't been much to report this week, other than rain, rain, rain, rain, and more rain (in fact, it's raining now.) I have quite the long list of things to do this weekend, I'll be posting more auctions, although of what I'm not sure quite yet, and working on decluttering some more. Maybe one day I will be done with this. I know that when I'm done, it will be much quicker and easier to do things around the house, that's for sure.

To celebrate reaching my goal (I am actually over my goal, yay!) I did buy a spindle by Lisa Chan of Grippingyarn.com--it's spalted maple, and quite lovely. Here's a picture of it last night:

Grippingyarn Spalted Maple Russian Spindle

Also, while in the process of reaching my goal, I purchased two spinning wheels. Both are small. This was a transaction that was in the works before I started selling stuff, by the way; I didn't just arbitrarily go out and buy two spinning wheels. ;)

Anyway, one of them is called the Hobbit Wheel (aka Frodo), for obvious reasons... here's a picture of the Hobbit Wheel and Sofia:


The Hobbit wheel came to me from France, and is a miniature (or travel) French style wheel. Bobbin-led, with quite a strong take-up! It took me a bit to get used to treadling such a teeny wheel, but what fun!

I will be set up at the Bethel Arts and Music Festival on May 7th; Frodo will be with me, along with a couple of other wheels (and books and other stuff for sale as well.) Weather permitting, I might even bring a Great Wheel. We'll see. It was really cold and windy last year! I'm hoping for better weather this year.


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