I, who have never been allergic to anything in my entire life, must be allergic to something, because after I mowed my grass on Sunday, something erupted in my sinuses and it's still going strong.

This is after a few weeks ago when I got an optical migraine at work, and bought Advil Sinus & Allergy, because I usually take Advil Cold & Sinus, so I figured that might work. Well, I'm out of Advil Sinus & Allergy (and it's one of the ones you have to sign your life away for anyway) so I'm trying the generic form of Zyrtec. At least I only have to take that once a day.


It didn't really hit me until I mowed down the wild onions, which makes me wonder... hmm. I had thought it was the red cedars blooming before, and it could have been, but wild onions too?!

Ugh, ugh, ugh.


Grey Walker said…
I got seasonal allergies suddenly as an adult, too. Niiiiiiice. :P

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