Eh, I'm chickening out. It's 82F out there, and sunny and rather humid, I'm still getting over this cold/allergy thing, and it's going to be a lot cooler (according to the forecast) Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday of next week. And I'm still coughing when doing anything strenuous, and mowing the grass is strenuous. And I really would rather wait a few more days so I don't end up coughing up a lung while trying to mow grass.

However, I did get quite a few of my clothes sorted and put away, and I still have some left, but I'm making progress. Bread's rising, too, and my wool quilt and blankets are dry, and I'm heading upstairs to sort through skirts and suchlike and hopefully get all the clothes that don't fit or that I just don't like out of my bedroom.

I didn't buy much at the rummage sale this time, but I did buy a bag of clothes which included four nice flannel long-sleeved shirts, a short-sleeved blouse, a 3/4 sleeved blouse, three pairs of pants (all fit!)--one pair of linen khakis, one pair of loose cotton pants to wear at home, and a nice pair of brown pants for work. So two other pairs of brown pants left (one pair I never really liked, the other was always a bit tight), and a pair of cotton khakis also left.

I bought the flannel shirts because I only actually own one flannel shirt which is old and faded, but still great. I've probably owned it for ten years or so, and I got it from Goodwill to begin with. It's my favorite shirt because it's green. None of the flannel shirts I bought are green, but they are nice colors nonetheless, and now I have five flannel shirts. Maybe they will all last me the rest of my life. :)

I'm pretty pleased with the state of my closet at the moment. I feel like I have enough pants and enough capris and enough skirts (except for a few winter skirts, but that's really the only thing on my list.) And in reality, my list needs to include what I want to make using the clothing I've kept out for reworking; I have a lot of sewing to do sometime soon. (I hope.)


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