I mowed the backyard this evening, and, in the process (and thanks to my lovely little folding saw) I cut down four more catalpa trees and one mulberry tree!

I am aiming to eliminate all the catalpa trees in my yard, and I have mulberries elsewhere, so this one was an extra.

Tuesday, I cut down most of the catalpa trees out front, and also made lots of nice poles for the garden. Since the weather is supposed to be so nice this weekend, I'm planning to work out front quite a bit--I have a flowerbed to clean out, plus dandelions to get out of the garden, plus some more weed trees to chop down. And I might mow again, this time on a lower setting. We'll see about that, however, because Sunday is also the second Burlington!

I should have two spinning wheels for Burlington, plus a yarnwinder. Hopefully I will come back minus all three, but we'll see.

I will also be posting auctions this weekend, too.


Karen E said…
Ah, we had a big mulberry tree when I was little. It overhung our chicken yard and the chickens loved it (and pooped purple).

BTW - Your blog won't let me set it up on my rss feed. There's a spot to check in the settings to make that possible. =) I'd love to follow your kittens' progress, but that's how I keep track of blogs.
Jennifer said…
Hi Karen, At the bottom of the list of posts there is now a subscribe link; I am not sure I did it right, though, so let me know if it works! :)

Yes, I have the purple poop problem here too, but with the starlings, who eat the mulberries. But I'd rather them eat the mulberries than my raspberries!

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