I went to an auction today with Dad, which advertised "large and small spinning wheels", and there were large and small spinning wheels there! Three Saxonies and two Great Wheels (and one extra wheel) plus a yarnwinder base that someone had put a bobbin winder's wheel onto. The two Great Wheels were missing pertinent parts, and one's wheel was in really bad shape. One of the Saxonies was completely whole, one had a broken flyer (and was marked AAS 1839), and one had no mother-of-all, maidens, or flyer.

While the one with the broken flyer was tempting, the only one that came home with me was the complete wheel, which looks to be all oak. It's in good shape, and already spinning, thanks to a bit of oil. It spins quite nicely. Unless I get the other almost-finished wheel ready, this one will probably accompany me to Burlington next month.

I wasn't really interested in the Great Wheels, because I have plenty of project GWs already.

When I got home, I let the kittens out, and pretty much exhausted them; they are asleep right now and probably will sleep the rest of the night. Tomorrow, I'll have to figure out a litterbox for them, because it's time for a litterbox. Maybe it's time for the kitten corral to go as well; we'll see.

I'm planning to get up fairly early tomorrow and go out in the garden and plant seeds. I'm waiting until the temperature drops a bit before I plant plants, because it's supposed to be 96F tomorrow, and that's just too hot. But I have beans, beets, carrots, and probably other stuff to plant as well. Later on tomorrow evening I'm going to go to Mom and Dad's and help in their garden. Monday is the only day I'm going to be here all day.

I only have a short time on the computer this evening due to the heat; my computer doesn't like being hot, and I don't want to turn on the air if I can help it. I may have to turn it on tomorrow, but we'll see...


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