So the second Burlington of the season was today, and it was hot--a high of 86F! But it was also a nice day anyway; we had more TV people there, which was only interesting because they had lots of equipment they had to carry around, etc., a friend of ours will be in the episode that was filmed, but thankfully, I don't think I was on TV (although the spinning wheel I brought might be on TV as a background object.)

Sales were not bad; I made a decent amount selling mostly little things, but the little things added up quite nicely.

I didn't buy a lot--two baskets (one of the baskets I collect and another bamboo basket of a similar sort), a couple of kitchen items, like another old spatula so I can replace one of my lesser favorites, some measuring spoons, and a folding cup, and some teeny salts for spindle bowls. They are actually pretty neat. I might keep one for myself.

This means, of course, that I have spindle bowls galore now, and I really need to start making spindles again.

I will admit to eating wood-fired pizza for both breakfast and lunch (and then we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant; I am in Italian overload at the moment. I was so glad they came back! And they will be back next month too. Yum!

There were no spinning wheels at Burlington except for the one I brought. I didn't sell mine, and I will be marking it down a lot next month to get it gone. I really don't need any additional projects at the moment. Especially another Great Wheel project.

However, due to my pruning efforts on Saturday, I now have a nice case of contact dermatitis/poison ivy on both arms, hands, and my throat and even a tiny bit on my cheek. I've applied jewelweed liberally, but we'll see how that works... hopefully it won't spread (it usually doesn't, but we'll see.)

Anyway, I'm rather tired, it's after 10pm already, and I think I will sleep pretty well tonight! Thank goodness I am off work tomorrow.


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