The real reason why I haven't updated all week long is because I haven't turned on my computer all week long, except for Tuesday.

Sunday night I mowed a bit and came in feeling like there was something stuck in my throat. All night long on Sunday I smelled this terrible stench (it smelled like cat pee, I swear, but it wasn't cat pee), which made my sinuses take offense, and Monday morning, I drove to work feeling like I was either coming down with something or allergic to something. I didn't realize what it was until I was halfway down Kellogg and I smelled that same smell again.

It was the rotting flowers from the Honey Locust trees. See, I have two groups of them in my front yard, and when the flowers start to fade, they smell. Almost as bad as ginko trees! And so, by Tuesday, my sinuses were very unhappy, the back of my throat hurt, and I realized that I was either having an allergic reaction to the honey locust flowers or I had caught my first sinus cold of the year.

I'm still betting on allergies, really. Thank goodness, however, that the optical migraines seem to be gone this time. (Knock on wood.)

So yesterday I coughed every time I tried to talk; today I have snot and coughing, so we're progressing.

It's been very difficult to get up for work every day this week, but I managed. Since I'm off tomorrow for the yard sale, I really didn't want to miss another day of work this week.

So if I'm a bit quiet this weekend, that's why; I'll be at the yard sale Friday and Saturday, and I really should mow the rest of my grass on Sunday, but we'll see how I feel. The hill has gone to seed, so it's not like it's going to grow any taller. :)

I packed up what I had gathered up in my car, which isn't nearly everything, but my car's pretty full. I'd still like to get one more thing in it tomorrow morning, but we'll see how things go.

Here, have a kitten picture to tide you over:

Two weeks

There are definitely two different colors represented--I'm pretty sure some will be cream/brown Siamese and some will be white/grey. (They'd just woken up in this picture.) All but one have their eyes open; strangely enough, it's one of the larger ones who doesn't yet. The fluffy white one with the black ears (from the left, it's the second on the top row, looking down) has a name--he/she was first to open its eyes, and was also the most vocal kitten all week long. So I named it Birdie, because it acts like a little baby bird when Gracie jumps out of the box.

I'm also thinking about bringing them in. I'm having reservations about attempting to keep them safe outside; eight kittens are a lot to keep track of, and I'm thinking they will be safer inside anyway, away from stray dogs and stray cats and whatever else might eat them, like raccoons or hawks, even. I have a little while yet before they are really mobile, so I'll be working on a safe place for them to be this weekend as well. I need to create a kitten corral, which will probably end up being the shelfless bookshelf that is sitting unused upstairs, at least for the time being. :)


Grey Walker said…

We need more video. I want to hear how they're talking, now.

And, yeah, I hear you on bringing them inside. I'd do the same thing.

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