Planted beets, carrots, and turnips in the big garden, also at least five kinds of beans (pole)--although I'm not sure of some varieties due to the fact that these are dried beans saved for seed and I didn't label anything. Definitely cranberry beans, definitely Kentucky Wonder and Purple Podded Pole Beans, definitely Christmas Limas, but there was another type of cranberry-ish bean that I mixed in with the cranberry beans because I didn't have a lot of them) and all of the 'green' pole beans (as opposed to shell beans) were mixed together as well.

Hopefully I will get good germination.

I have more carrots, beets, and turnips to plant, which I will do a bit later to stagger the plantings. I have to get more swiss chard, since something ate everything that came up in the kitchen garden. (I'm giving up on that for the season, and mulching the heck out of it for next year.) I also have to buy sunflower and zinnia seed, and anything else I want to plant out front.

The ground was actually very easy to hoe up under the mulch, although the mulch is a bit awkward to move away to make rows. And I chopped down all the dandelions, etc., so once that green stuff dies in the sunlight, I will plant the plants I have, and then go on from there.

I hope this works, because I really like not having to till the garden.


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