So the yard sales were... okay. I didn't make much money, but I got rid of some stuff, and that's what counts. We didn't set up yesterday due to rain, so I was able to get most of my laundry done yesterday, thus freeing up some time today for washing my wool quilts and blankets in preparation for putting them away for the year.

Today I also have to mow the hill; the grass has gone to seed, and it's supposed to rain again tomorrow and much of next week, so I really have to do that today. I charged my lawnmower last week and didn't use it, so the battery should be fairly charged. We'll see how much of it I get done before it dies on me; I'm just going to mow as much as I can later on this afternoon and be done with it.

I would also like to put away my laundry today as well. I really need to start swapping out summer stuff with winter stuff, and going through my clothes as well, so I'm not expecting to be on the internet much today, which is just fine with me.

Kittens are growing quite quickly; I'll have to make a decision whether or not to bring them in very soon (I'm leaning towards bringing them in. Gracie has already been in and out in preparation.) That means cleaning, and preparing a space for the kitten corral. So that's what I will be busy with this week.

Oh, and I do have to do something with my garden soon...


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