I picked about a pint and a half of raspberries this morning (which might not sound like a lot, but it was, really! I started out with six plants, after all!), then went to Mom and Dad's to get some tomatoes and other plants for the garden. Afterwards, I stopped and picked up some sweet potato plants, since I didn't get mine started early enough. I'll be out in the garden tomorrow morning (early) before it gets really hot. Hopefully I will get them all planted, and perhaps even put more mulch down.

Otherwise, I will be posting auctions this evening. I'm currently gathering up things to sell. I need to start posting auctions again, perhaps not every week, but every other week, at least. Yes, the addition of two spinning wheels have done a bit to the feeling that my living room is too full again, but that's not the only reason... and it's time for some more stuff to leave my house.

Now I think I might have five males and three females, kitten-wise. I need to check them all again to make sure. But they are growing quite nicely, and playing and getting into stuff they probably shouldn't be getting into, and being kittens. They are fun to have around. :)


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