The Stray Cat Soup Kitchen

We have a feral cat population in my village, and since I have two (fixed) outdoor cats, I pretty much feed whoever shows up every day. I don't mind the feral cats; they tend not to bother anyone, but feeding up to seven cats a day gets expensive! (This doesn't count the indoor cats, by the way; they get different food.)

This morning, I woke up and there was a small black kitten asleep on my porch. He's not feral, but he was scared and is rather lonely; If he sticks around, I'll take him to the vet and try to find him a home if he's healthy. But that costs money too, so I've decided to do two things.

I'm going to put a donate button here on my blog for stray cat purposes--the Stray Cat Soup Kitchen, where no one is turned away. If I have extra money, I will take friendly stray cats to the vet and/or get them fixed so we won't have stray kittens... there's a Humane Society here in town, but they are running the dog pound now, and I'm not sure anyone is worried about the cats.

I'm also going to start making cat toys to sell on Etsy, with all proceeds for that going towards the Stray Cat Soup Kitchen and Related Expenses. I will probably add kitten/cat photo prints and greeting cards to that list as well.

All of my cats were strays and/or yard sale kittens. Basil was found in the middle of State Route 32; Loki showed up at my house as a stray Siamese kitten; Chloe Bella came from a yard sale (for free); Misty was a foundling; Cleo came after her previous owner couldn't keep her anymore; Gracie and Cameron came from a yard sale (for free); Mal (the stray Siamese) appeared at my house six months ago and never left... the list goes on and on.

There's the elderly black and white tomcat, the grey tabby, the long-haired gray cat (although that one might have found a home at the neighbor's house), the skinny black and white tiny cat, the pale orange ghost--and more. I provide them with a meal and a safe place to snooze if they want to stick around for an afternoon. But it's hard to do everything by myself, with no additional income, thus the donate button.

Any amount helps, it really does.   :)


Grey Walker said…
I am happy to donate whenever I can!
Jennifer said…
Thank you!! :)

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