So today I cleaned. And cleaned, and cleaned... and you know what? The downstairs (except for the kitchen, because I didn't make it in there) actually looks quite good right now.

The internet was down due to last night's storms for most of the morning, and then it came back and went out again (it's back now, obviously), so that's one of the reasons why I got a lot done. Also, Rascal and Juliet went to their new homes this evening, so I am down two kittens... and down to eleven cats in the house. Which somehow sounds like more than thirteen did, lol.

I did turn on the air, and it does still work. :) It's been on since lunchtime, due to the fact that I was cleaning, and also because the humidity in the house was on the rise. Now, it's actually quite comfortable even here in front of the computer (and away from the air conditioner.)

I will sleep downstairs again tonight.

Last night, once the electricity came back on (again, from the storm), I moved back upstairs, but tonight that's not going to happen.

Tomorrow is Chase's birthday party. He will be two!


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