Today I planted squash--zucchini, yellow crookneck, hubbard, and butternut. I also planted a couple of cucumbers. Yesterday, I planted swiss chard, collard greens, and the row of sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, and some yard-long beans to make things interesting.

The beans are starting to come up, the turnips are up, and I see signs of life in the row of beets as well. I have more beets and carrots and malabar spinach to plant, along with more tomatoes eventually--tomatoes are going to be planted in stages this year.

The no-mulch is working fine for planting, but the dandelions are all over the place. Once I add more mulch, it should look better, but right now, it looks like I'm growing dandelions and not much more!

I've also been picking about a cup and a half of raspberries each day. Only a few currants, however. Still, not so bad! I haven't really picked enough to put up, although I might start putting half the day's pick in the freezer, just so I can have some for the winter. There were plenty of winter days that I enjoyed frozen blackberries or blueberries or currants!

Yesterday, I put together the new spinning wheel and cleaned her up. I used a spare maiden to replace the broken one, and will probably end up using the spare maiden set for this wheel, because they look pretty good together. She spins very well; a little chattery at first, but a good oiling took care of that. She is slightly smaller than Sofia (I will have to get them together for a picture.) Not sure what I'm going to do with this one... we'll see.

I also spun a bit on the oak Saxony, which is, by far, the nicest smaller Saxony I've ever spun on. so smooth and nearly silent--this is a lovely wheel, really. Sturdy and quite reliable. Too bad I bought it to sell... ;)

I should be taking pictures to post auctions, but I am headed to Mom and Dad's house in a bit here to help out in the garden there. It is so nice outside that all I really want to do is sit with a book or a loom or something, and just enjoy the weather. But I also don't want to waste such a perfect afternoon for gardening, either.

The kittens are quite well. I have pictures, which I'll post later on. I cleaned half the Green Room yesterday and moved some stuff around (like carrying bags of clothes-for-fabric upstairs into the soon-to-be sewing room, for example) and they were Quite Perturbed at all the moving. I still haven't gotten the hallway passable yet, but I should start on that area after I get done with the corner. And once I'm done with that, I will move my exercise bike into that room and away from my loom so I can actually, you know, weave.

They also like to sit in the spinning wheels' treadles. And the loom's treadles are also fascinating for kittens. It's rather amusing. :)


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