So I'm off work until June 3rd, which is my first day back. I haven't made my list of things to do quite yet, but I'm going to work on that this morning, because it's 48F outside and I am soooo not complaining. Cooler weather means I'll get more done around the house. I've taken off this week before and it's been 90F.

Anyway, my list of things include a lot of stuff both inside and out. I'll be planting my garden, mulching, gathering more stuff for Burlington and posting auctions. There will be a spindle destash as well. I want to warp the big loom (finally) and finish what is on Talia and Junior, and rewarp them all. I want to work in the Junk Room and the former Craft Room and down here, and pretty much everywhere. I want to hopefully fix my dryer.

As I said, there's a lot on my list.

I'll also be at Mom and Dad's house helping out with their garden (and Emily's garden as well) as time permits. So I will be busy. But I will be working on getting things situated here. This will be my only week off for a while, so I have to make it count.


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