There are a few blogs I've followed for quite a few years now, whose writers have suddenly decided (I'm sure after much deliberation) to not allow comments. Some of the writers have done so after enabling comment moderation, which usually meant that anyone who did not agree with them did not get through to an actual posted comment.

To me, the whole idea of having a blog in the first place is to share a bit of your life with someone else. To do that without allowing that 'someone else' (whoever that someone else might be) to comment seems a bit self-centered to me; it's like someone posting "Hey! Look at me!" without caring or considering who might wish to commiserate, share their own trials and tribulations, or just post a word of encouragement or warning. To me, comments are what makes the blog more of a community effort and not just some stranger on the other end of a computer posting their thoughts and convictions without allowing input from anyone else who might read them.

Granted, most of these blogs have email options. But I have to wonder if the writers behind these blogs just don't want to hear what their readers has to say--whether it be good or bad--or if they are so convinced of the rightness of their own words that they need no critique from anyone else.

I'm not really sure why it bothers me. I wasn't one to comment much at all, just read. But I liked the fact that the option was there. And now that it's gone, I've found myself not wanting to read what they've written or keep up with their blogs.

And that makes me a bit sad, truthfully.


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