So my intention for the weaving room was originally to make it the sewing room because it has two closets. But instead, it's the weaving room (at least for now), and I've kept it pretty cleaned up since I set everything up last year.

Today, however, I decided that I wanted to use the space freed up by selling the other big loom to actually have a dedicated spot to use my sewing machine. So I rearranged a bit, brought the table out from beside the chest of drawers that holds some of my yarn, and then, after that, spent almost two hours fiddling with the hand-crank sewing machine until I got her working.

Table in place.

My "helpers"

Stack of suitcases, storage for loom stand.

Both small looms fit on top! Yay!

Sewing machine set up and ready to go!

Skirt made from a dress.

I think I'm in love...


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