Sometimes I look at an item I own, remember how much I paid for it, and wonder exactly what was going through my mind at the time. Was I temporarily insane? Just crazy in general? Did I give in to the 'wants' instead of listening to the 'needs'? Obviously, I can't change the past, and I can only hope to do better in the future. Hopefully I have learned a lesson with all of this financial stuff. I never want to go through this again.

My purchases--those not needed, at least--will have to be measured in tanks of gas for my car. If a spindle costs $40, well, that's one tank of gas (approximately, considering the price keeps going up and down), and I probably need to keep that money just in case I run short somewhere else. A purchase under $25 isn't a hardship, but I'm going to try not to make many of them nowadays. (And most of those purchases will be fiber, because I have enough spindles. But I don't have a lot of fiber to spin.) I have a roof to pay for, after all, and not quite enough money saved up (but a decent amount, at least! And more coming, via ebay and possibly a spindle destash. Do I want to have enough money to pay for a new kitchen roof or do I want to have over two dozen spindles? You get the picture, I'm sure.)

I have one payment left on one credit card before it's Gone Forever (Yay!) and then two more remaining. One is on a pretty decent payment plan per month, so I'll leave that alone for now. The other is current, but needs to be paid off ASAP because I don't want to think about it anymore. I have one personal loan that needs to be paid as well. Starting in June, I will actively begin paying that back.

I had expected to only post ebay auctions for the roof money, but then I got to thinking; I've made about $150 or so on the stuff I've pulled out of the Junk Room so far. The next yard sales are in July, so I'll be boxing stuff up from that room for the next round of yard sales, and also boxing up what I can bring to Burlington. But I'll also continue ebay auctions, perhaps not every week, but if I have enough stuff, maybe so. If I can live off of ebay auction money during the week (gas, eating out once per week, and possibly even cat food/cat litter and maybe even groceries) then the rest of my money can go towards regular bills, paying off the credit card and the loan, and saving up my money for the next expense. (Which really should be the gutters on my front porch, or Doing Something about my shed.)

So I'll also be working up a financial plan for the rest of the year (I have one in parts, but not a whole amount) and we'll see where I am come fall with everything. One of these days, I hope to run out of stuff I want to sell. Really, truly, I do. :)


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