I like the fact that BlogBuddy is working again. It seems every time Blogger upgrades, it takes BlogBuddy a week or two to catch up. Now we're back in service!

This afternoon, we're going to see The Bourne Identity, since it looks to be about ready to leave the theaters. It was either that or Minority Report, but for some reason we can't buy tickets for that one online, so we opted for the former.

I'm working for an hour on Heart's Desire, and then I'm going to go down the basement and write up auctions to post. I will put a link here to the auctions once I get them posted.

Other than that, things are fine so far this weekend*. Here's to hoping they remain fine.

*Except for the fact that after breakfast, I filled up my tea mug and was on my way upstairs when I stepped wrong or something and sort of fell up the stairs. I banged my knee (not my bad knee, thank goodness) into the step, and also banged up my shin and spilled tea everywhere. So I'll probably have a nice bruise there later on. Argh. I am so clumsy. And I just have to look at a sharp corner weird to get a bruise.

Anyway. More later, I'm sure.


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