Okay, time for a new implementation.

Every Friday, I will look back over the week and see how I have or have not worked towards one of my goals. It's my accounting system. If I account for my time once a week (fill out a timesheet, per se) I think I might pay attention to my goals instead of forgetting they exist.

Instead of working Sunday to Sunday, I'm going to do Friday to Friday. That way, I'll have a full weekend at the beginning of my 'week', and everyone knows I get more done on the weekends. :)

So I need a catchy title for this thing and I need to list my goals. The Goal Report sounds like something out of ESPN... Friday Reminder would work, but I'm not all that fond of it. (I actually got the idea from The Friday Five, which is a set of questions you answer every Friday on your blog...) Hmm. Catchy title. State of the Writer wouldn't work either, because my goals aren't all about writing. Hmm. I will think on this, and write out my goals...


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