Oh my stars and garters. (I've always wanted to say that.)

A very nice lady from the Office of the President of Cingular Wireless just called. She just wanted to follow up on the email, and make sure everything was hunky dory now. She also removed a $36.00 charge from my phone (reconnection, or something) and now I only owe the normal monthly payment. She was very nice, and explained that a lot of people get confused by the plans, but I sure don't remember being offered nationwide 250.

That's water under the bridge, though. I went from a $247 bill to a $39 bill in four days. Geez Louise.

Karma strike three! Notice how all the karma hits had to do with the original three bad things? Hmm. Interesting. Although technically, since this was Cingular for the second time, I should still have one. And I think karma owes me big-time for putting up with Chris' crap. So there. :)

I am Very Happy with Cingular Wireless again.

Oh, btw, Vicki agrees with me. This should be tied in with Karma #1, since it involves Cingular. So that means Karma still owes me one.


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