Okay, I'm to the tricky part now. Two chapters need to be reworked a bit, if only to make sure the reader doesn't go "Huh?" after finishing them. And while I could stay up two more hours and finish one of the chapters, I think I might wait until tomorrow to tackle them. It's not too late, but it's getting there.

Okay. I'm going to give myself the tentative deadline of Tuesday to get this done. Then I'll print it out, read it outloud one time, and maybe even tape it, listen to it through once or twice, then make corrections. And after that, finit, and ready to ship.

Okay. If I stay on track, then, I should be able to mail it next week (!!) We shall see. I would really like to have one person read it through before I send it out, and I do have an offer, after all. Once I'm finished, I'll do that, then, as well.

Goodnight, for now. Let's see if I made it to 5,000 hits.


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