I did not sleep well at all last night--the last time I remember hearing the grandmother clock in the hallway was midnight. Ugh. However, I was ambushed by a storydream this morning, one that seems viable to actually write, even. If I want to mess around with a murder, an enchanted sampler dipped in blood, two sisters, a big old house, the ubiquitous ancient enemy, and a very confused witch who returns from the dead, that is.

I think it sounds interesting enough, don't you? :)

This is Burlington weekend, although I am free tomorrow (except for packing up stuff to take to Burlington.) I am also off Monday, to recover from Burlington, since I have to leave my house at a godawful time--before the dawn chorus, even. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight and Saturday night.

It is also Father's Day on Sunday (same day as Burlington, as usual) and I have Dad's Father's Day gifts, finally. We usually take him out to eat. We'll see how we feel after Burlington.

I also have to mow my grass this weekend, but Jessica might do that, which would be great and I would be eternally grateful to her if she can do it. I'm supposed to hear about that today. We'll see.

Otherwise, it's going to be a light weekend*. I do have to mulch the sweet potatoes and plant more peppers, but that's not terrible.

*OH! I do have a Secret Project, too. More about that later. :)


Grey said…
An enchanted sampler dipped in blood? I love it!
Jenny said…
It sounds much better than the dream that inspired Twilight, at any rate. :)

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