It is so nice outside right now that if I could sleep outside tonight, I would. The humidity has broken, there's a lovely breeze, and it's just fabulous.

I went out in the garden this evening and planted a dozen more peppers, which means I'm done now. I have to mulch some of them, and mulch the rest of the bare spot in the garden, but I'm done planting until the garlic come fall. I also picked two zucchini (small ones, one meal each), and two cucumbers. The zucchini was delicious!

And then I played my fiddle for a while; I recorded myself, too, but I can't get it to upload properly. I might try tomorrow, or later this evening. I think I sound better, although the black on the neck of my cheap violin is coming off on my fingers. Ugh. It's probably toxic. :(

Oh, and the concertina is working now! Every button works just fine. I have to fix the straps next, and then I will have a playable instrument for a whopping $10. Not too shabby at all. :)

And, the apple mint is about to bloom! That means the second harvest of leaves will be this weekend; last year, when I harvested after it bloomed, I tasted more apple than mint. I'm curious to see if that happens again. I'm planning to dry quite a few batches of leaves this weekend, because also after the mint starts to bloom, it starts loosing its dryability, if that makes sense at all.


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