As I took the time this morning to pause in my work to watch bumblebees hatch from the small nest in one of the hay bales, I realized that even though I've not updated much about the Year of Completion, I've not stopped crossing things off my list or making decisions, either. It's still ongoing, and might even stretch into next year. And this summer is gearing up to be rather busy on the weekends. I've been helping out more with Mom and Dad's garden (although not as much as I could, honestly!) and also with Emily's garden.

But now, it's almost the end of June, and my decision to actually make decisions about some of the things I've been waffling about has been pretty fruitful.

There are yard sales coming up the second weekend in July. I'm hoping to at least have a decent amount of stuff from the Junk Room and elsewhere gathered up by then. Since I have to work the Friday after the 4th of July, I'm planning to work on gathering stuff up then. (It looks like we'll be finishing up the roof next weekend, weather-permitting, since it's supposed to be awfully hot this weekend.)

Doing everything that needs to be done around here is a gigantic balancing act, and sometimes things don't actually happen as well as I want them to happen. But the main point is not to give up, but to continue whittling away at it, bit by bit by bit. And eventually, just like my credit card debt will vanish, it will no longer exist. And that stumbling block, or room full of stuff I don't really want anymore, or weed trees growing in my kitchen garden, or whatever it is will be gone.


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