Last night, unexpectedly, I realized the garlic was ready to harvest. I only pulled half of it last night, as I was rather running out of time, so I'll get the rest this evening. Two braids of garlic are now curing in my kitchen. Which, of course, means my whole house smells like garlic. I guess there are worse things.

This week has also been raspberry picking week, and they are coming on strong. They also taste really good, and I actually have more than a quart in the freezer right now, so I'm doing pretty well at saving them for later.

I still have mulching to do in my garden, and I still have to plant the sweet potatoes, but that's about it, unless I sow more seed for greens, which I probably will do. The potatoes are blooming, the peas are almost ready to eat. Right now, the garden is good.


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