I spent more money than I intended at Burlington today, even though it wasn't that great of a show this month. It rained--twice, and once a downpour--and that kept the crowds away. However, I managed to come home with a Lefse rolling pin (unused, with recipes attached!), a woodburned and decorated wooden box, and Christmas beads. Christmas beads have nothing to do with the holiday; they are a type of African Trade Bead. I used to buy them when we went down to Florida, but since we don't go there anymore, I haven't found any since. (And yes, they're available on ebay, but that's not the point.) Anyway, I ended up with five strands of the newer Christmas beads, and two strands of really antique Christmas beads (1800s), for a really nice price. They will become jewelry, eventually.

Right after I bought the two strands of the antique Christmas beads, I found eleven strands of lampwork beads for $1/strand. There are eighteen beads per strand. Obviously, this Burlington was the bead Burlington!

Obviously I'm going to be making a lot of jewelry, too. But that's OK, believe me. Most of these lampwork beads would do very well as focals for pendants!


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