So yesterday, we started on the roof.

We tore off two roofs and one sopping wet layer of plywood that was basically mulch (it squished! Yuck!) Probably liberated my kitchen/bathroom roof of at least 500lbs., if not more. (Dad informs me it was probably closer to 2,000lbs. or more! Yikes!

the portion of the wood we needed to replace due to rot and an ant's nest

mid clean-up. that brown stuff is the wet plywood.

There are actually three more roofs and the original wood underneath, but they're in good enough condition to leave in place. The roof has never been totally torn off as far as we can tell. This isn't a surprise, considering how difficult it would have been to get a dumpster here (and expensive!) but I'm really surprised the roof didn't collapse under all that weight.

Today, we put on the new roof. Hopefully all will go well. I will post pictures of the finished roof!


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