So the one rather important thing I didn't get to this week was the laundry room and fixing my dryer. Which I'm okay with for the moment, really, because I'm not truly missing the dryer much at all. I have a decent setup for drying clothes, and most of the time, I can hang towels and big stuff out on the line. However, it's still on my "inside" list, and I intend to keep working on those lists until they're finished. (And probably adding to them as well.)

I have a dedicated notebook for these lists, so that's nice as well.

Yesterday, I shortened a skirt that was way too long into a more manageable knee-length, and made a skirt out of a skirt--it was a very small size, but very long (and linen, and a nice color) so I just shortened it and added a drawstring to the waist. I wanted to get back up to my sewing machine, and so I did.

I didn't get any weaving at all done this week, but I'm also OK with that; I got a lot accomplished even so.

And now, Onward!


Hi there Jennifer! wow, I wish I had the skill to take clothes and remake them into other pieces...I just don't have the patience for sewing but it's just such a handy creative skill!! Good for you! I wanted to stop by to tell you I found out where that darling Tower house was located...and more info on it...(a few other people asked as well) and by a stroke of luck I found it! :)

Have a great week!

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