Oh. Hey! I'm getting a Visor! Finally!! It only took me since Christmas...

Now I just need a keyboard. And suggestions? I've seen two on the market, the Stowaway and the other one (can't remember the name) and I need something sturdy. Anyone know which one is sturdier?



Been thinking a lot about goals today.Along with Vicki, I've been talking about goals, money, revisions, and other things that happen to be on my mind.

I would really like to be able to pay off the credit cards. I would really like to be able to buy my truck at the end of the lease (and pay cash!!) I would really like to be able to do a couple other things as well, and sitting up here in front of the computer for four hours every night (unless I'm posting auctions, of course) just isn't getting those things done. (Well. Let's just put it this way. I have a better chance of making the money I want on ebay than by writing right now. I'm not planning to quit writing, but I'm going to cut back a bit until the basement is organized and I'm well on my way towards my (hefty) goal. But of course, if I land a sizeable advance, this might all be moot, so I'm not going to stop submitting, either. *g*)

So. With that in mind, and starting after I finish AbNo the Smoosh, I will do these things:

Post Auctions until a. I have nothing left in the Auction Pile, b. I've sold everything that I don't want anymore that I think I can get any money for or c. I got nuts trying. After I'm finished with the Auction Pile, concentrate on dollmaking and selling the dolls.

Revise Finish AbNo2, Revise AbNo the Smoosh, and try to sell them together. Work on the 1/2 finished stories I have languishing in my harddrive instead of starting new things. Or, alternately, after finishing one Unfin, do something new and then another Unfin, etc. Only write for two hours a day, one of them on my lunch hour, until the basement is organized and the Posting Auction Orgy is over.

Hit the PO every other day, if needed. This going every day is wearing me out! It's not that far away, but I can't do the every day thing anymore. Every other day should be okay with people, I'd think. I haven't had anyone complain yet!

If it doesn't fit or I'm not going to wear/read/watch/use it, then get rid of it! I'm actually doing pretty good with this one. Like all that costume jewelry I posted last week. It had been sitting in a box for years, doing absolutely no good to anyone. Now, I have an almost empty box, and some money in the bank. What more could I ask for? :)

Okay, this post is getting a bit long, and I'm due to head donw the basement for my every-other-day trip to the PO.

And of course it just started to rain again. Figures!

More later...


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