Okay. Completely forgot to post an update last night. Sheesh.

Anyway, I spent most of the day in the basement. More than likely I'm going to spend most of today there too, gathering things for auctions. I might just leave my desk until tomorrow. I'm not sure.

41,281 was the end wordcount for yesterday on AbNo the Smoosh. Honestly, I was rather disappointed that I didn't get more done. But I'm waffling these next scenes, because I'm not quite sure what comes next. Everything's straining against something, but I'm not quite sure what it is. Once I figure that out, the dam will break and knock everything free and I'll probably have to struggle to catch up with the words.

I just hope that happens this weekend, darn it! I'd hate to waste a weekend like this. :)

Anyway, have to check the usual stuff, get dressed, and go back down into the dungeon.

More later...


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