Okay. Gearing up for the weekend. I want to find the same energy that allow me to do the 3-day novel contest last year, and do a 3-day basement cleaning/auction posting this year. *g*

I did get the small tasks done, save for one, which I will parcel out over the weekend, I think. You know... I could write an outline for this weekend. It would be just like writing an outline for a book. Hmm.

What I am going to do is start at the foot of the basement stairs again, and work my way around (again.) I got pretty far last time. I intend to get FINISHED this time. No, really, I do. Here's why:

Last month, I did quite a bit over the course of a couple weekends. On and off. I think I spent one full day down the basement, and didn't do too badly. This time I will have three full days. I've already told Chris my weekend is booked (although I might stop for a movie Sun. afternoon) so he has no excuse that he didn't know ahead of time. *g*

Oh, and good news. One of the smaller credit cards offered to slice the balance in half if I could pay it off by Mar. 6. And they will report it as paid off/closed instead of overdue/charge-off etc. to the credit bureaus, so I'm going to try my best to make enough money to do that. It would be very nice to have one of them gone.

Onward! More later...


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