Last Saturday, Scarecrows Take 2 was less than 10,000 words.

Just now, I broke 22,000 words.

Heartbreak ahead, for more than one person.

Poor Ben.

The protector considered his words for a long minute. "Yes, that's true," it said. "You do owe me something. But--if I am to be truthful, I freed you because you were kind to one of my charges."

"Then I would owe you for helping me help Elspeth," Ben said evenly. "Jess is one of yours?"

"Yes," the protector said.

"I would like to send him back to you safely," Ben said.

"I know," the protector said. "That is rare. Usually, they are destroyed." Its voice dropped. "And I never see them again." It was silent again for a little while, and then, hesitantly, it asked, "You asked if you could help me, before. If we could be allies, of sorts."

There was that word again. Allies. "I did," Ben said.

"What if I told you yes?" the protector asked. "If I told you we could be allies? I cannot send you back, but I could make it so you could walk freely in the sunlight." 

ETA: @ 9pm, 23,179 words and done for the night.


Grey Walker said…
Walking freely in the sunlight is a bigger blessing than a lot of people realize.
Jennifer said…
Truer words were never written.

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