This prologue is going to be a book, at least I'm pretty sure it will be. And it will be called Scarecrows, and then I'll need a different title for the second part or what happens afterwards, in the present-day.

It's currently 14,060 words. I guess the next two books in the Beth-Hill series will be a prequel and its sequel, lol. That's perfectly okay with me.

Of course, that means the Hunt itself won't be in this prequel, since they weren't allowed their human forms just yet. But a (much) younger Lucas Lane will be in it, along with some other familiar faces...

But for now, I'm going to stop my morning writing time a bit early today, and pack up some ebay stuff to go the post office later this afternoon, and also continue cleaning/decluttering. I did most of the entry room yesterday, and it looks really nice.


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